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Sandra Grady

Owner and CEO

Sandra began her career at Goldsboro Homes in 2010 where she is involved in all aspects of the business including sales & customer service. She also enjoys decorating the display models for the customers to enjoy.

She is always willing to assist the customers in any way needed. Sandra loves spending time with her 6 beautiful grandchildren.

She is blessed!

Rick Grady

Non-paid Consultant

Ricky Grady has been in the manufactured home industry since 1977. He established Goldsboro Homes in 1989. Customer satisfaction and fair prices are a priority for him. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and is an avid classic car lover.

Jessica Grady Weisiger

General Manager

Jessica is a graduate of East Carolina University, with a long career in office management and sales. Ricky Grady is her father and they have worked together since 2004. As the General Manager, she is fully prepared to assist customers in the purchasing and financing of their new home.

Jessica is married to James Weisiger and they have four beautiful children.

Jessica is always willing to assist you to make your home buying purchase a pleasant one.

Heather Hood

Office/Sales Team

Heather Hood is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. Prior to joining the Goldsboro Homes team in 2020, she worked as a paralegal for 8 years focusing on medical malpractice and automobile accidents.

Heather has assisted us with various projects over the years but we are happy to formally welcome her to our team. She brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

Heather is the daughter of Sandra and Rick, and is married to her husband Matthew Hood — they have two beautiful children.

She can’t wait to assist our customers in their journey to find their new home.

Lucy Weisiger

Team Mascott

Lucy Weisiger joined our team in 2012 where she has proven to be a huge asset to the Goldsboro Homes team. She enjoys eating & playing and most of all napping most of the day. She is excellent in greeting customers and they always express interest in her and comment on her beauty and friendliness.

Lucy is willing to do anything that we ask of her. She has proved to be an excellent mascot and valuable employee.

Our Team

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